CAD Technology

CAD / CAM / CAE technologies that combines all of the traditional methods used in the manufacturing sector and that standardizes the production with its quality and minimum error ratio, CAD system that performs the duty of 2D and 3D modeling continuously keeps the quality and standard in the forefront with the homogeneous production it provided in the mold design. 3D-CAD that has proven its competence, offers the most appropriate way of modeling for aluminum profile extrusion dies with the leading brands that it led to success in manufacturing industry. The modeling has a great importance in our industry as advanced three-dimensional technology enhances the understanding of standards, and minimizes the margin of error while on the other hand by working two dimensional in the conventional manner it can lead to waste of time and the production irrespective of specific standards.

As Anit we closely follow the studies on this issue and by taking pioneer steps in the industry, we are attaching a great importance and we are applying the developments that take place in the world of CAD to the aluminum mold extrusion profiles with the help of technology. We are determining the higher level of production rituals by making the sector adopt the accuracy of our innovative logic infrastructure with ever-increasing quality and standard products thanks to the system we are deploying in our production processes and not only the standardized methods but our results-oriented studies also that we included in the literature.

The measurement accuracy, practical modelling, mold transitions and geometries at levels difficult to model which cannot be accomplished using conventional methods can be easily modelled and can be transferred to the production process thanks to the 3D CAD we are using. The 3D CAD aided modelling within the current flow of production of our company is the most important factor after our experience which enabled us to take place among the world's leading mold manufacturers. We have been successfully representing the common denominator as being the 'Leader' title that the 3D-CAD users around the world have consensus on, within the field of Aluminium extrusion mold profiles in our country. With the responsibility that this representation provided each new project we accomplished has the characteristics of a different 'R&D Study'. Our ideal of reflecting the speed and acceleration of technology of the 21st Century, to the oncoming periods will continue increasingly at the highest level.