CNC Wire Cut

Precision EDM Machining Services

Electrical Discharge Machining, also referred to as EDM or EDM Machining, is an ideal process in machining complex shapes and contours that cannot be handled be convention cutting technology.

Anit industrial group, employs the latest wire EDM equipment that is ideally suited to projects that have extremely tight tolerances, contain material with low stress thresholds, or require specific finishing or surface treatments

Wire electrical discharge machining utilizes a straight wire strand capable of cutting a linear line directly through material. When it comes to EDM cutting processes, the cutting tolerance and surface finish are directly related.

In such cases, the Wire EDM cutter is controlled by the number of passes from the EDM machine. Additionally, Wire EDM machining can be used on material that is too brittle to be stamp cut or machined conventionally. In these cases, EDM machining capabilities allow for high-volume through multi-layer cutting of material.

Our CNC controlled equipment can process a range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, as well as exotics such as tungsten, carbide, and high temperature alloys.

At Anit Industrial group, we can offer Precision Wire cut services to customers by using our advanced 4 axis CNC wire cut.

CNC Wire Cut